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Eclectic Line

'eclectic line'The spring/summer collection 2013 ‘eclectic line’ of ‘Isabell de Hillerin’ creates a fashion-conscious fusion between the Moldovan handmade art and contemporary fashion design.

Traditional embroidery and hand-woven fabrics are reinterpreted in her creations, with the aim to counter the current loss of culture and push these highly skilled craftswomen by implementing their cultural skills in a modern fashion context. A combination of nostalgia and modern design gives the fashion label its own identity.

The fashion label ‚isabell de hillerin’ was founded in Berlin 2009 and stands for elegance, structured cuts and details which remind of an old tradition.

Photography: Amos Fricke
Hair&Make-up: Sarah Marx
Stylist: Anja Niedermeier
Model: Liuba – Iconic Management

This work was conceived through the Tandem programme which is supported by the European Commission Culture programme, Robert Bosch Stiftung and delivered by MitOst and the European Cultural Foundation. It was additionally supported by the Open Society Foundations with contribution of the arts and culture programme of Budapest.

In cooperation with Tatiana Popa/ Casa Parinteasca, Moldova
and Balestra Berlin.

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