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Art Symposium Symbiosis

Art Symposium Symbiosis Casa ParinteascaArt Symposium Symbiosis at Casa Parinteasca in Palanca, Moldova will take place on May, 2012.

During ten days 5 Moldovian and 5 Latvian artists from different culture disciplines will come together to discover the tradition and the nature of Moldova, to share experience, to exchange ideas and to create artworks. Symposium artists will be asked to make site specific artworks finding a source of the inspiration in local tradition and practice, as well as in nature, region’s history and people. During symposium there will be organized culture discussions, workshops, excursions to the surrounding sites of culture and religion.The artists will be invited to create joint tandems based onexperiment with contemporary and popular art.

The end result will be an exhibition opened in Palanca.
Partner: ARS DOR Association.

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